Sunday, August 6, 2017

Activity: Chicago Harold Washington Children's Library (Thomas Hughes Children's Library)

If you haven't been to the newly renovated Children's Library at the beautiful Harold Washington Library Center, you are missing out!  Not only is the library itself historical* and gorgeous enough to host weddings and high-end events, it now has a state-of-the-art, hands on Thomas Hughes Children's Library.

The creators developed many different areas for children to experience, complete with nooks for crafts, Legos, Magna Tiles, blocks, and so much more. The seating is kid-sized is plentiful and even comfortable for adults (we tested it to make sure) and kids can crawl through or sit in cubby holes throughout the space.

The library often hosts events for the community (real animals are being brought in!  Will there be a Library Lion? One can only hope...): check out their current listing here. You can even schedule a tour of the building!

Some great aspects of the Children's Library:

  • Entryway: showcases projects and crafts with the current theme (super hero)
  • Puppet Area: for kids to grab from a large variety of puppets and put on their own play.
  • Pillars: place sticky notes around the theme (who is your super hero? What power would you have?)
  • Activities: so many activity nooks!
  • Books and DVDs: as far as the eye can see! So many great options for kids and parents to borrow and enjoy.
  • Computer Stations: several throughout the room for playing and exploring.
  • Slick checkout machines
  • Two Studios - Large, glass-enclosed rooms, maybe for private events or classes
  • The library also hosts a MakerLab, YOUmedia (for High Schoolers), Building Tours, and Special Collections focused on Chicago.

Look at all this comfy seating!
Cost Savings: FREE!!

South Loop
Accessible by El (basically every color line), bus .
As street parking is limited, there are a few garage options as well.

Kid's Jury: 5 stars
We had a blast and were only able to pull the kids away from there was the promise to watch a new (borrowed from the library) movie!

My 6 year old showed us how to use this.

*The Harold Washington Library was opened in 1991 as the Chicago Public Library's main library, named after the cities first African American Mayor and is the largest public library building in the world!