Friday, July 29, 2016

Playground: Margate Park

Though this playground doesn't appear on recent "best of" lists for Chicago - it sneaked it's way into our top 10!  The Margate Park Playground was larger than I expected with a lot of structures to climb and slide.

Though it has a bit of wear and tear, it has many more pros: two robust climbing/sliding/swinging structures, toddler area, bathrooms (when fieldhouse is open), water fountain, seating, and tables.

  • Parking (paid) available at the fieldhouse, playground is adjacent.
  • The playground is near lakefront paths and a lot of open grassy areas.
  • The Margate Park neighborhood is so picturesque, we enjoyed walking around.

Cost Savings:
Street parking is free, if you can find it. Otherwise, the playground has a small lot at the fieldhouse (fee).

Margate Park, tucked in Uptown
We drove, as it is just off of Lake Shore Drive (Lawrence exit).  The Lawrence exit has a bridge with a "tent community" -- about 25 homeless people -- and while it was unexpected and startling, we felt completely safe.

Kid's Jury: 5 stars
This park was great. I promised the boys we would be back.

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