Monday, January 2, 2017

Suburb Activity: Northbrook Court Pop-ups

During the holidays, we trekked to Northbrook to see a few pop-up activities taking place: Age of the Dinosaurs and The Painted Penguin.

We had a blast! Northbrook is a great little mall with shopping (though we just browsed the LEGO store), movie theater, children's play area, and these two great pop-up stores!

Age of Dinosaurs was small in comparison to the Rosemont Discover the Dinosaurs event. However, it is brighter and more inviting. My younger son did not do well at the larger and darker Rosemont event, but was very comfortable at Age of the Dinosaurs -- there were little dinosaur themed activities and 6 types of dinosaurs, each one moved and the kids loved the dino babies.

The Painted Penguin is a pop-up painting activity - you select an item to paint (from small penguins or letters to medium-sized canvases. They provided all the materials, even a finishing glaze!


  • Age of Dinosaurs: can climb a triceratops and put your head in the T-Rex's mouth
  • Mall App: GGP Mall - provides locations of shops, events, and parking recommendations.

Cost Savings:

  • Each activity was inexpensive.
  • Dinosaurs: $6/ticket
  • Penguin: Varies based on item painted


  • Northbrook
  • Driving is recommended 

Kid's Jury: 5 stars
Kids had a good time.
I just wished for better food court style options for lunch.  Drive wasn't too bad!

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