Friday, February 17, 2017

Activity: The Kids' Table

We had the opportunity to enjoy a night at The Kids' Table, and had a great time! The Kids' Table is a cooking school with hands on experience specifically for kids and families, complete with kid-sized cheese graters, choppers, and whisks!  Who doesn't love mini cooking utensils?

All the kids (ages 4-8) were engaged and took part in prepping three aspects of our meal: stuffed pasta shells, pasta sauce, garlic bread, and strawberry pie.

This was our second visit and it is so fun to witness the children's' independence and participation in cooking.

To sign up for a class, visit their website to view availability and associated menu. They collect dietary restrictions as well, should this be a need!

  • You can bring wine to enjoy during your time (the venue will supply glasses).
  • The venue focuses on healthy cooking, so make sure you like the menu (especially for picky eaters)
  • As a part of meal prep, the kids are asked to clean the table and cutting board - was great to see them put to work!
  • The food wasn't loved by (most of) the kids this time -- but maybe that was the fault of the cooks and my kids are not the most refined eaters... :)
We do the Family Dinner option (there are other options) and prices are very reasonable.  When we compare the cost per person, it is less than paying for a sitter, so it is a guilt-free night out with family & friends!

Check the site for specific price information.

  • There are two locations (as of Feb 2017): Wicker Park and Lincoln Park
  • Contact Information
  • We go to the Wicker Park location, and have driven / used street parking (typically free)
Kid's Jury: 5 stars
We will definitely do it again!!

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