Sunday, September 18, 2016

Activity: Skate Park

Thanks to some friends, we learned about this great idea.  With our kids feeling confident on their scooters and getting pretty solid at their bikes, we thought it would be fun (well, husband thought fun, mom figured terrifying) to take them to a skate park.

The boys loved it.

They quickly settled into their own routes with ramps and inclines - the older one even trying out a little wall climbing action.

While I was indeed terrified, I did my best to hide it and no one walked away injured.  Our oldest fell a few times (one while attempting to take his bike straight up a wall), but no blood was spilled.

Go early in the morning, before the park is packed with legit skateboarders.

Cost Savings:
Free!  ...unless you experience injuries ;)

There is probably a skate park near you!  We used the one at Roosevelt & Michigan, and early morning parking was easy.

Kid's Jury: 5 stars
Great time!

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