Saturday, October 1, 2016

Activity: Home Depot Kids Workshop

This adventure day is most likely an option for you, no matter where you live!

The Home Depot Kids Workshop is offered at each* of their stores and has continued to impress this family!

On the first Saturday of the month, Home Depot provides a DIY kit for each child with the instructions and tools - typically involves wood glue, hammer, stickers, and paint. You take home the project, Home Depot apron, pin memento, and probably a little paint on your hands (please note the photo above where the table and hammer appear to have seen better, cleaner days).


  • No registration or sign up required - the workshop is available anytime between 9 am - noon.
  • Workshop is located in the store (at the Chicago South Loop, it is in the lumber aisle)
  • Depending on your child's skill level, man-on-man may work best to ensure no one is hammering their finger (or most likely their sibling's finger)
  • Speaking of hammers - recommend using the floor to hammer the nails instead of the provided tables (our family is not a handy people, so this may be obvious to most).  The ground is concrete, so hammering works a lot better on the floor.

Cost Savings:
And you receive a Home Depot apron on your first visit, and it doesn't stop there - little project specific memento pins are given for each project completed!

Any Home Depot*

Kid's Jury: 5 stars
We love it!  Will definitely become regulars over the winter months ahead!

*Please call your local Home Depot to confirm they host this workshop, as well as the dates and times.

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