Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Activity: Kid's Island

I woke up excited.  Today was the day to introduce the kids to ADVENTURE DAY!
Where would we go?  What would we do? 

To kick off the new tradition, the weather outside made one aspect very clear: 
It would be something inside.

Man it was wet and cold out there.

No worries.
When Mother Nature refuses to let us go outdoors, you find a playspace that brings the outside IN!

Today's Adventure: Kid's Island & Moe's Southwest Grill
This is an indoor play space with an indoor sandbox and other little areas (market, etc).

The sandbox was decent size and the plethora of toys were in great condition.  They had a lot of trucks, shovels, kitchen items, and even a slide!

It was a cute space and the boys had it almost entirely to themselves as it was the last hour of play.

Moe's is nearby and has parking, not to mention it is Mexican food, so it was a no brainer for dinner.

Southport / Webster
Closest El stop: Fullerton, then a 15 min walk (3/4 of a mile) for adults...with those little legs we would never make it, so took the car.

The playspace can provide "supervised play," giving adults the chance to enjoy the attached coffee shop (Julius Meinl) or Wellness Nail Spa. Must call well in advance for this option.

Cost Savings: 
We arrived with only an hour left to play, which equates to a discounted rate per child (saved us $5/kid)
Lucked out with the nearby mexican cantina having a kids' eat free night!

Kid's Jury: 5 stars
The kids weren't ready to leave and requested to visit again.

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