Saturday, April 16, 2016

Annual Event: Touch a Truck

If the weather is beautiful and you have a 3 year old interested in anything on wheels -- Glen Ellyn's Touch a Truck event.

Figuring my 5 year old son may be too old, my youngest and I left him and the husband at home.

There was a huge variety of trucks and vehicles, including a tow truck, emergency trucks, and a steam roller.  With the great weather, we were not the only ones seeking activities outdoors.  The attendance was strong, and turns out everything my son wanted to see was exactly what every other child was interested in touching.

So lines were not in our favor at the fire truck or ambulance.

Fortunately, we were content poking around the other options (favorites were the tow truck, train, and steam roller).  Additionally, Maryknoll Park is beautiful and had a lot of entertainment options.  We could have made the trip into a full day.

The park had two separate playground areas (including a small-person zip line (photo below) and unique merry go round climbing structure), large grassy knolls, platform tennis courts, mini-golf, picnic tables with plenty of shade, and public bathrooms.

  • The steam roller was interactive.  If you had an aluminum can, they would crush it and this was a favorite, as we saw many a soda breathe its final breath.
  • Food trucks are available on site, which is great when you have a kid that although they have had a huge breakfast suddenly gets the munchies.
  • There is a 3 minute train ride through part of the park ($1 per person).
  • Remember: when the sun is out, a good mom brings sunglasses and sunscreen.  I am not a good mom.
Cost Savings: 
Free event, free parking, and $1* to ride the train??  Nothing better!
*One dollar, that is, if you don't have an angelic stranger approach you with their left-over tickets.

Glen Ellyn
It was a 45-60 minute drive for us (we are in the South Loop), plenty of free parking is available and signage is good.  They had volunteers to help direct traffic as well.

Kid's Jury: 3.5 stars
The long lines meant we missed getting into the fire truck and ambulance, yet enjoyed the trucks we did get too.  And they provided several entry points to allow more contact options - the back of the ambulance; side of the fire engine.

Fortunately, the park has a lot to offer, so we had fun in the shorter lines and then headed to the train and park playground areas afterward.  

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