Sunday, April 24, 2016

Playground: Mt. Greenwood Park

Spurred by the beautiful weather and a new favorite park suggested by Chicago Parent, we checked out Mt. Greenwood Park.

It was worth the drive!  The park was very popular (yet would guess each and every park or grassy surface was equally packed today) -- ages ranging from babies to grade school.  There were a lot of climbing areas and there is an emphasis on music with some drums and oversized bells / gongs scattered throughout (photos below).  We could have definitely made a full day of this location.

Cost Savings:
Free, easy parking!  Large lot adjacent to the park.

Mt. Greenwood
We drove about 25 min from the South Loop. The trip was slowed by two train crossings; though it was a bonus for the kids. The area is beautiful with a lot of older, stately buildings and a lot of tree-lined streets.


  • Two great features new to our family: a metal tunnel slide (middle photo in top collage) and sway fun (collage: far right).  The sway seating was a huge self-propelled teeter-totter. This was a crowd favorite and many kids would rotate to help with keeping it moving and sitting to enjoy the ride.
  • There is a huge park near the play ground I was eyeing for a perfect area to practice my son's new training-wheel-free bicycling!
  • Has an indoor/outdoor pool, as well as a water feature (wasn't on yet).
  • Cute cafe across the street.
Kid's Jury: 5 stars
The kids had to be dragged from the park and really enjoyed their time there.  This is also on the heels of my youngest screaming and angry that he was forced to go outside at all. A Skittle bribe got him out the door and into a better frame of mind. Should have probably brought some skittles to get them out of the park.

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