Saturday, May 21, 2016

Playground: Dvorak Park

Another submission in our "not new adventure, but family favorite" is Dvorak Park.

This park was renovated recently and went from a sleepy park to an immediate favorite. It offers a lot, including shade: Slides of varying heights and difficultly, climbing structures, swings, tunnels, and more!

As a parent in charge of putting on and retaining sunscreen coverage, we like to avoid the argument of whether they can go through water features (thus having to re-apply).  So having a park where the playground is fully separated from the outdoor public pool is a dream!  Win-Win for this parent.

Spider-Man would love this park

  • The playground is next to a field and fieldhouse which hosts CPD classes and community activities.  And bathrooms.  
  • Has a zipline glider for kids!

Cost Savings:
Neighborhood parking is free, but sometimes hard to find.

Street parking only and depending on the activities at the fieldhouse or time of day may be more difficult to find, though we have never had to "leave" from not finding a spot.

Kid's Jury: 5 stars
Technically, my son gave this 10 stars.  I reminded him it was on a 5 star scale and he would still like to make 10 stars his final answer.

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