Friday, May 27, 2016

Playground: Ping Tom Park

Ping Tom Park offers a lot from a jungle gym for all ages, kayaks, nature walk, water taxi, and bathrooms(ish).  They have a fieldhouse with a pool, multipurpose gym, and scheduled activities, but if you don't want to sign up for classes there is still a lot to offer:

  • The playground has play areas and jungle gym options to appease  toddlers and older.
  • There is a great kayak rental - Urban Kayaks - a short walk away from the playground. We shared a Kayak with our son when 4 yo and plan to all go out this summer (5 and 3 yo).
  • Bathrooms at the fieldhouse (when open), but it is a bit of a jaunt from the playground.
  • Have to wait to rent a kayak (which would be surprising)? Enjoy the nice nature trail or skip back over to the playground.
  • Haven't ridden a Chicago Water Taxi?  Well, now's the time! The Chinatown pickup / drop off location is steps from the playground. And what kid/parent doesn't love a boat ride? 
    • Important note: Tickets must be purchased prior arrival. We learned the hard way, after our kids had selected their seats for an exciting adventure and we finished muscling our stroller onto the boat.  Which reminds me to mention: not all boats are ADA friendly.
Cost Savings:
Free, and can make a day out of it, taking time to explore the fullness of Chinatown and the area.

Transportation: Area is very congested, so recommend public transportation.  Is a 10 min walk from Cermak-Chinatown Red Line.

Kid's Jury: 5 stars
We love it here and our son is excited to take the bike trails soon.

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