Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Activity: Firehouse Tour - Engine Co. 103

Today we whisked to a firehouse for a tour and to pat a Dalmatian.

After reading a great article on Red Tricycle about local firehouses that offer tours, we picked the Engine Co. 103.

It was a quick tour, as it is a small firehouse (1 fire engine) and they had just waxed the second story, so we couldn't go up there. But we were able to give treats to Freckles (we brought our own) and sit in the engine and try a hand pump.


  • Call.  Call Again.  Even though I had called the day prior and was told Wednesday would be great, it is important to call again.  As you may arrive while they are eating dinner and it is less than ideal.  For everyone. Regardless, the fire fighter was friendly and fought through his hunger to show us around the fire engine.
  • The Dalmatian is older and sweet.  And barks a lot while the firemen get to the door.  It freaked out my 3 yo so his body didn't touch the floor while we were in the house.  After he greets you, he retires to his cage, so if you want a photo with him, get it fast!

Cost Savings:
Free!  well, there was a $4 cost to the beggin' strips we brought.

West Loop
We drove and were able to find street parking (free) easily.

Kid's Jury: 3.5 stars
Would have loved to have a more lively tour and should have called ahead to ensure timing was ideal. Would have liked to see the second floor, taken a trip down the pole, and maybe put on a pair of boots (but no idea if that ever happens...)

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