Thursday, June 23, 2016

Activity: Happy Play

Happy Play is unlike any play space we have been to. It is separated into 5 distinct areas, and while the biggest draw is the bunnies and parakeets, the owners still paid special attention to details in the other three spaces.

Please note: Am sad to share this venue is permanently closed :(

Space Summary:

  1. Parakeets: It is safe to say there are over 20 parakeets in a decent sized space, so it can entertain a good number of people at once. Each child receives a seed stick and lots of bird attention - photo evidence above
  2. Bunnies: This area requires a more calm demeanor as the bunnies are more skittish and require more care. And they are adoptable! 
  3. Toddler Area: Full of soft blocks, wedges and more, forming a baby gymnasium. Complete with a mini ball pit!
  4. Tiny Town: This area has an assortment of child-sized homes (and a teepee) with adorable rain clouds as lighting.
  5. Train Room: Blown away. The train tables were spanned across a huge area and the kids can swap out the tracks, bridges, and pieces with any of the extras in the large buckets on the side. Another bonus: the walls have a variety of ball-rolling ramps if the tracks are busy.


  • There is an area next to each section with nice chairs for parents (photo below)
  • A small room in the back allows for a cozy birthday party or gathering.
  • Recommend a 1:1 adult-child ratio when one wants to stay (forever) with the birds and the other has (definitely) had enough.
  • The birds are loud and can be intimidating for first timers. We spent time with the bunnies first to give the kids time to acclimate to the noise level.
  • It is located near a cute yogurt shop Yoberri and the popular Eleven City Diner -- we tested both!
  • My kids didn't appropriately appreciate my walk down memory lane where I shared all about when I lived in that area and what I used to do there. 

Cost Savings:  N/A

Lincoln Park
15 min walk from Fullerton Red Line. Bus routes in the area.
Street parking (for fee)

Kid's Jury: 4.5 stars
We plan to go back to spend more time in each area!

There is still plenty to play with if your child is afraid of the birds

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