Friday, June 17, 2016

Playground: Skinner Park

As expected, when visiting one of the top Chicago schools, their playground is top notch. There are two large climbing and slide areas, a toddler area, a water feature, community gardens, picnic tables, AND a sandbox. The park itself sprawls for 2 blocks and includes basketball, tennis, and baseball areas.

Both boys found a lot to do, though I was unimpressed with the sandbox. It was small and the only "toys" in the sand where wrappers and other trash people left behind. I threw them away and would like to preemptively apologize to those hoping to use the chip bags as a shovel. It also had a lot of rocks, which the kids actually really liked (photo evidence below)...until they stepped on them.


  • Cool climbing structures, especially the red hoops
  • Dragon - don't worry, it's not real - was a surprise hit (photo above).
  • No bathrooms on site.

Cost Savings:

West Loop
Free street parking along the park area

Kid's Jury: 4.5 stars
My youngest loved the rope web he climbed in; my son liked "the whole park". I had to dock it half a star because of the sandbox.

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