Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Playground: Union Park

This park was so handy to get to, being across the street from a train station! The park has a pool, playground with a small (and very popular) water feature, and a lot of unique playground features.

  • The main slide structure has all kinds of unique features, from rock climbing throughout, little plastic hammocks, to angled monkey bars. 
  • Climbing is abundant: the huge rope dome and neighboring rope "course" has bridges, ladders (you guessed it, made of rope), and different layers to climb throughout.
  • 1 out of my 2 kids loved the bucket spinner. The other lost his mind because it was going really fast and when his mom wasn't there to stop it, he (understandably) freaked out.
  • Bathrooms in the fieldhouse.
Showcasing a few special touches incorporated in the main play structure.
Cost Savings:
Free! Especially when a random person holds open the CTA gate to have you walk through.  Who am I to say no?

First time on Pink
AND Green Lines!

West Loop
Incredibly easy access off the Ashland Train Stop via Green or Pink Line - literally across the street.

Kid's Jury: 4.5 stars
The park is great and has a lot of options: playground, swings, green space, tennis, pool, and water feature. My 3 year old didn't have as much to play on, as it was geared to older ages - my 5 year had a great time.

L-R: Open field; bucket spinner (with the one who liked it); pool

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